What We Do

At Method & Co., we know life can get hectic and at times, maintaining an organized home or office can be a challenge! That's why we are committed to helping individuals attain a clutter-free lifestyle! Our personalized service aims at creating a customized solution that is not only effective, but easily maintainable. Whether you’re downsizing, moving or simply want to become more organized, we are here to help!


Services Offered

Your space (whether home or office) should be a place of calm and refuge, not one of chaos and stress! At Method & Co., we take a bird’s eye-view approach to your organization: the importance of decluttering and then setting up and maintaining a system of keeping an order that is both simple and refined.


Residential organizing
(bathroom, closet spaces/pantries, kitchen, bedrooms, etc)

Storage solutions and space optimization

Decluttering assistance

Home-moving preparation


Wardrobe and closet organization

Small business or home office organizing
(paper/computer file organization)

Time and budget management

The Process

Every project begins with a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation. This offers us the opportunity to get to know you, your needs, the challenges you face and your organizational goals. Our solutions are not “one-size-fits-all” and we believe that in order for organization to be effective and easily maintained, it has to be custom and created for YOU. The second step of our service is a one-on-one personal assessment of your home or office space. Being within the space allows us the opportunity to observe and understand how you live and work, helping us create an outline of how to optimize and simplify the space. Our questionnaire will help us identify your organization challenges, allowing us to fully understand what it is you’re looking for within your newly organized space. From there, we can better assess if Method & Co. is the right fit for the job! Following the in-space assessment, we provide an estimate for the services that will be provided as well as scheduling sessions to reach your organizational goals!


Ready to get organized?

There’s no better time to begin! Let us help you get started with our personalized organization service!