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Our Founder

Stefanie Hamelin was born and raised in the province of Quebec. She grew up like most people in and around Montreal: speaking both English and French. Stef (with an f, as she likes to insist), grew up in a large household of 5 siblings. You can only imagine the abundance of things not “in their place”. Thankfully, she always had a lively passion for organizing! From a young child until present day, she always made it a point to keep everything in order; from drawers, to cabinets, to shoes at the door!

Member of the Professional Organizers in Canada, Stefanie is not only passionate about organizing but also uses it as a form of meditation. There’s a serene and calming feeling about taking something chaotic and bringing it back to order.


An environment shapes who we are, what we feel and how we think. Having a neat and tidy space creates feelings of calm and order within ourselves. One of the first things that Stefanie likes to target in an environment is clutter. Too much clutter creates anxiety and can be overwhelming. Why fill your life with unnecessary stress? When things start to become messy, out of place, or we simply have too much stuff, it’s time to take a step back and get back to basic organization!

Stefanie’s formula can be broken down into three simple steps: organize, minimize, simplify.

At Method & Co. we don’t want you feeling like you have to sacrifice anything that you’re not willing to let go of! Everyone functions differently in terms of being organized, so we’re here to work with you to create order and simplicity within your space (whether it be from paperwork piling up at the office, a stuffy pantry or a messy closet). That’s why Method & Co. focuses not only on the needs of the space but the needs of the client as well.

As an organizing company, we are here to help you sort through your space, make it far more accessible, and to simplify the task of your day-to-day routine; allowing you the space to live your best life!


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